Saturday, June 14, 2008

Everything In The Past Two Days

to hate someone for giving you the greatest feeling in your life,
this makes sense now

the receptionist women from the doctors office,
coming from the convenient store next door
a daily ritual, they enter the random landscaped void
that often exists between businesses in our contemporary world
clumsily framed in a forest scene, walking down the grassy slope
it is words beyond beautiful

sometimes in one instant,
i travel through every single person's brain on this planet
as one gently dips a foot in a swimming pool
just to know

i shuddered with nerves on a drive to a new person
because... i really don't know
because i don't need anyone new, and i went ahead anyway?
because she is beautiful?
because it reassured my recklessness?
i usually give up my life, toss it on the telephone wires

i sat up in bed and stared straight ahead to the far wall,
paused, and then gave a nod to the invisible unknowns filling up the space,
indecipherable to me because i just need a few more lifetimes of visual development

because every year i see more than the one just departed
and if time and attention sat opposite one another on a teeter-totter,
the choir of angels would melt and be mute
and sunlit rays would break from the clouds
only this time, as support beams for all the unimaginable beings
with arms around our shoulders
as we suffocate in containers stuffed with cotton

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